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Pahrump News Questions from Janine Hansen, Independent American Party, Candinate State Senate 19

1. What are some of the most important issues in your district that you are planning to address if elected?
Water is the most important issue. Private wells are now under threat. We must protect our water. The fundamental Right to Keep and Bear Arms must be protected for all Nevadans. Although the talking heads tell us the economy is better, everyday people are still suffering. The answer is to encourage free enterprise and job growth by rolling back taxes and regulations. In addition, as we transfer control of Nevada’s land to Nevada many opportunities for economic growth will develop.

2. Why did you decide to run for this seat?
If I had not run, voters would be left once again with no choice but a career politician with ties to the establishment. Critical issues are facing Nevadans. There is a move in the Legislature to control private wells and place them under government restrictions. We must protect our water. We must defend our Right to Keep and Bear Arms which is under threat. Our fundamental Constitutional liberties like freedom of religion and speech are in peril from political correctness. State taxes continue to go up and there are plans by the Governor and Legislators to raise taxes this coming session, after the largest tax increase in Nevada history in 2015. Voters, taxpayers, and families need an advocate who is not afraid to speak out and is independent of the establishment politicians.

3. What makes you a good candidate for this position?
I have been a citizen advocate for families and taxpayers at the Nevada Legislature my entire adult life, working successfully with legislators from both sides of the isle to get things done. I have worked faithfully to protect our fundamental liberties including gun rights and to oppose outrageous tax increases which grow wasteful government bureaucracy. Our schools are an abysmal failure. As a mother of four and grandmother of thirteen I have advocated for choice in education, implementing world class standards in our schools, basics like phonics and eliminating second rate common core standards.

4. Where do you stand on ballot questions 1 and 2?

Question 1: I oppose Question 1 which requires a private individual who is selling a gun to go to a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL), surrender their gun, pay a fee, run a background check on the buyer and if the sale doesn’t go through, submit to a background check and pay the fee to get your own gun back. Anti-gun laws, promoted by New York liberals, are designed to further undermine our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Nevada’s Constitution goes farther than the U.S. Constitution and guarantees the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for security, defense, lawful hunting, recreational use and other lawful purposes. This question is about further restricting law abiding citizens. Criminals already use guns illegally. The vast majority of gun sales in Nevada already require a background check. Most sales that take place without a background check are to relatives.

Question 2: I oppose Question 2. This question would legalize recreational marijuana. In Colorado where it has been legalized, there have been many negative consequences for taxpayers and citizens who bear the burden of irresponsible marijuana use. Traffic fatalities are up 100%. DUI’s are up 16%. Colorado’s youth rate of marijuana use is 39% higher than other states. Accidental ingestion by children is up 268% and pets poisoned by marijuana has increased 4 fold. Emergency room visits, hospitalizations and particularly crime are all way up. The tax dollars generated by marijuana have been far below what was anticipated. The majority of cities and counties have banned recreational marijuana businesses. Recreational marijuana is a big loser for taxpaxers’ pocketbooks and citizens’ safety.

Contact: Janine Hansen 775-397-6859