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Are you disgusted with our representation in Congress?

Conservative of the Year
Janine Hansen receiving the
Conservative of the Year award from
Citizen Outreach Chairman Chuck Muth

Are you disgusted with our representation in Congress? Congress has a 9% approval rating. It doesn’t seem to matter if we elect Republicans or Democrats, the policies of Washington D.C. don’t change.

Almost without exception our leaders have betrayed us. Congressman Amodei voted not to repeal DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which has caused the crisis on the border. Eighty to ninety percent of those crossing the border are not little children, but teenage boys between 16 and 18 years old, the prime age for recruitment into cartel gangs. The government gives them a court date 4 years away and 94% don’t ever show up. Consider that terrorists and diseases of all kinds are pouring across our border making America unsafe.

The Freedom Index gave Amodei a dismal 17%, not only because of his bad voting record but because he missed so many important votes.

Unfortunately, he voted for spending increases of $26 billion for 2014 and $19 billion for 2015, lifting spending caps to 1.012 trillion and $1.014 trillion. This effectively eliminated $63 billion in cuts for 2014-15.

This government spending binge causes inflation and hurts you. We all know that the cost of food, fuel, and medical care have all gone up dramatically. It hurts free enterprise job creation harming all of us in our languishing economy.

Amodei failed to vote for H.R. 4138 which passed the House. It authorizes the House or Senate to bring a civil action against the President or any federal bureaucrat who failed to enforce an existing law, policy, program, regulation, or statute, in violation of the president’s constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the laws.

The President has repeatedly failed to enforce existing law and now governs by doing whatever he wants as the Congress sits by and does nothing. This is dangerous and undermines the security we all depend on, the rule of law. If the President sets the example of lawlessness, what can we expect of others? No wonder crime is increasing.

Your Vote is Powerful. Don’t waste it! Make your vote count--vote Janine Hansen for Congress District 2.

Janine Hansen, Independent American Candidate for Congress District 2

Contact: Janine Hansen 775-397-6859