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Janine Hansen
Independent American for Lt. Governor

Janine Hansen will be on the ballot in November 2018.

Make Nevada a Business and Family Friendly State Again
Provide Economic Prosperity and Jobs
Through Fundamental Reform

Because historically Nevada has been a low tax state, we have attracted businesses, which create jobs to support families. We must regain our low tax state status and oppose future business killing taxes which harm families. If you build a business friendly state...they will come.

The potential impacts for homes and businesses will be devastating. According to Washoe County Assessor Michael E. Clark "The property tax bill for a 1,200 square foot home built in 1964 in Old Northwest Reno would increase from $677 per year ($56 per month) to $2,264 the first year after the sale. This results in a $133 increase per month."

"A 3,900 square foot home built in 1991 in Juniper Trails with a current tax bill of $8,344 per year would increase to $13,699 resulting in a $446 increases to the buyer's monthly payments."

The increases for business property would be similar. This devastating property tax proposal will kill business and leave families unable to afford homes. It must be defeated.

We need to institute Choice in Education to increase academic achievement and lower the costs of education like Florida has done. Florida instituted corporate-tuition scholarships (choice) for students to attend private schools. In 1999, Florida had the same low tests scores as Nevada. Since reforms were instituted, the results have been stunning. Florida's fourth graders have increased their reading scores by two grade levels in the years since. During the same timeframe, Nevada's scores have increased by only half a grade level. More money is not the answer. Reform is the way to increase academic performance and save tax dollars. Nevada is becoming a Sanctuary State like California. The 2017 Legislature extended "driver authorization cards" for illegal immigrants (drivers' licenses) from an annual renewal to a four year renewal. There is no requirement to receive a driver authorization card in Nevada except to pass the test. Utah requires among other things that they have proof that they are here legally, that they sign for financial responsibility, and that they have a valid Tax ID number from the IRS. Why do we continue to burden taxpayers with the excessive costs of illegal immigration? Socialist price controls do not work. They will make medical care and hospitals less available. Federal and State law already require hospitals to provide emergency medical care regardless of the ability of the person to pay. This federal law has caused a crises in California where "a large percentage of hospitals are losing money; hundreds of medical clinics have closed or gone bankrupt...while at least 84 hospitals have closed in the last dozen years, many due to overuse of emergency rooms and illegal aliens unpaid medical bills."

I support the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms which is under attack. When we have more law abiding citizens with guns we have less crime. Our freedoms of religion and speech are under assault by those who embrace 'political correctness'. I support the right to be born, traditional marriage, choice in education, and freedom of choice in health care. I support the platform of the Independent American Party.