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The State Water Engineer in Cahoots with the State Legislature plans to steal your water and put meters on your well.

Water law is on our side but the Career Politicians will sell you out!

I have a well myself and am very concerned about protecting our water.

I am asking for your VOTE to help stop Meters on our Wells.

Vote JANINE HANSEN for State Senate, an Independent American.

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Janine on the Front Page of the Elko Daily Free Press

Do you know what the Republicans did to you and your family during the 2015 Nevada Legislature?

Conservative of the Year
Janine Hansen receiving the
Conservative of the Year award from
Citizen Outreach Chairman Chuck Muth

I was appalled by the complete disregard for the will of the people of Nevada shown by the Republican Governor and Republican Legislative Leadership during the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session.  The following issues are some that prompted me to run for State Senate in District 19 as an Independent American. 

The Republican Leadership forced through the largest tax increase in Nevada history harming families and small businesses. Then during two special sessions they gave hundreds of millions of dollars in special tax breaks to huge corporations (Tesla and a Chinese backed company) which amounts to nothing more than corporate welfare. They taxed the little guy for the benefit of the big corporations. If we want to increase businesses and jobs in Nevada we must cut government red tape and taxes on businesses and then free enterprise will flourish creating jobs.

They blocked gun rights for college students who have concealed carry permits. This leaves, especially girls, vulnerable to predators on campuses which are “gun free zones”, where only criminals have guns.

The Republican leadership also blocked the most fundamental rights of parents to at least be notifiedif their young underage daughter is seeking an abortion, denying them the right to know about the surgery and have the opportunity of caring for their own daughter.

Republicans promoted and passed a resolution asking Congress to pass immigration reform which was nothing more than amnesty for illegal aliens. They also blocked photo ID for voting.

Republicans refused to repeal the education disaster Common Core, subjecting our children to failing schools when they could have chosen to provide them with world class education standards.  

Republicans jammed through Governor Sandoval’s bill SB504 amending Nevada’s anti-bullying law. It creates a “new right” in favor of transgender students to access the school bathrooms and shower rooms of their choice, thereby interfering with students’ basic privacy rights and potentially putting their safety at risk.

Here is a basic list of fundamental principles I stand for:
Protect our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, including free speech, religious liberties, and privacy which are under attack by political correctness.
Defend Second Amendment Rights.
No new taxes.
Reduce wasteful government spending.
Promote job creation by encouraging free enterprise with fewer regulations, less red tape and lower taxes.
Protect our Nevada land and water from encroachment by the BLM and Forest Service.
Encourage adoption of world class standards in education and choice in education.
Protect and defend the family as the most important unit of society.  Require family impact statements on all legislation.

As a wife, a mother and a grandmother, I have worked as a volunteer for years to protect our families and freedoms.  I am well qualified to serve because of my years of experience as a volunteer citizen advocate at the Nevada Legislature.  I am not beholding to the Big Guys in either political party.  I am an Independent American and free to make the best decisions for the people of Nevada and in Senate District 19. 

Contact: Janine Hansen 775-397-6859